Beatrice Trussardi porta Sacrilege nel parco di CityLife

Art in Milan: Beatrice Trussardi brings Sacrilege to CityLife Park

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Sacrilege, installation created by English artist Jeremy Deller, Turner Prize winner in 2004, was showcased in Italy from 12th to 15th April thanks to Beatrice Trussardi. The work of art got to Milan after London, Sydney, Madrid, Paris, Hong Kong and many others metropolis. The location chosen was CityLife park, a new urban redevelopment project located in an area 366,000 square metres-wide, where international artists can alternate in showcasing their exhibitions in site. Miart 2018 hosted the impressive inflatable installation made by the English artist that critics define “the Pied Piper of popular culture”. Sacrilege replicates Stonehenge megaliths on a 1:1 scale. Turning the archaeological site into a giant inflatable game is the key for providing a reflection on the mixture of celebratory and sacrilegious effect. Jeremy Deller’s work of art coveys the idea that history and national identities are made object of trivialization and nationalist political exploitation. This work of art is also an occasion of collective aggregation thanks to its capability to encourage people to interact: it brings you back to childhood, as if you were jumping and enjoying yourself in an amusement park. Beatrice Trussardi’s Fondazione Trussardi adds, thanks to Sacrilege, another masterpiece to its roster, enriching its artistic path started in 2003. Contemporary art and the discovery of international talents are part of Fondazione Trussardi’s real aim, which is to enhance the city of Milan in all its beauty.

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