Dubai: Federico Cervellini’s new professional frontier

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Federico Cervellini’s professional growth has been possible thanks to his decision to move to the United Arab Emirates where, since 2012, he performs a high responsibility job in the sales and marketing field.

Since 2012, Federico Cervellini performs the role of Director of Corporate Affairs, a high-responsibility job inside of MBM Group, a Dubai-based company that, since 2006, when the local Sheikh founded it, leads foreign investors to place properly their business in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East territory, securing them successful investments.


Federico Cervellini: his career in the UAE

Federico Cervellini - MBM GroupFederico Cervellini‘s career started in the Italian territory, where he worked particularly in the security field, operating in behalf of important customers, such as personalities of the show business, international fashion brands, multinational corporations specialized in the technology field. In 2009, he took his decision to move to the United Arab Emirates: he at first reached the city of Abu Dhabi. Here he found interesting job opportunities that gave him that chance to put into practice all the skills he gained during his whole professional path. The major role he was asked to perform was the one where he was supposed to take care of the personal security and the personal activities of the local Sheikha, Her Highness Maryam bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, for whom he worked for a three-year period. Federico Cervellini got another important and eminent task in 2012, when he decided to move to Dubai. In this city, he had the chance to get in contact with the local Sheikh, His Highness Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, who happened to be the founder as well as the leader of the company named MBM Group. Since 2006, this company works in the international business field, being a channel for the foreign investors that aim to expand their business in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates market.

Federico Cervellini working in MBM Group: his responsibilities

The role Federico Cervellini performs in MBM Group is the one of Director of Corporate Affairs. He received this role from the Sheikh, His Highness Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum himself, who wanted him to work from his personal and private office. Thanks to his profound knowledge of the marketing business, he got the most important role in the company, speaking of international business development. This role, that he still fulfills nowadays, requires a high level of responsibility, that is improving the business income, inviting always new investors to direct their finances into the target market, which MBM Group deals with. All this process needs to be conducted with an internationalization view, considering the United Arab Emirates and Middle East market for their real nature: these are new platforms, which offer a huge amount of potential. Since this market, however, is still quite new to international investments, it needs a capable intermediary to put in conversation the two actors of the business transition. This kind of figure turns out to be really important in order to place the right investments in the proper destinations and to have the proper amount of economic return from the investment itself. Therefore, the role Federico Cervellini covers is one of the most delicate inside the company, which is now one of the biggest entities of this kind of business.

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