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Luigi Ferraris: “Terna in the future of energy”

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Energy transition, driven by renewables development, is ongoing. Electricity networks play a central role“: this is the focus of the interview released by Luigi Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer of Terna, to “Corriere della Sera” newspaper. Each euros spent in the development of renewables, as the International Energy Agency estimated, will involve the same amount to make electricity grids safer and more efficient. The future of energy is written and its name is “total decarbonization”, a goal which is “possible and necessary” to achieve for Ferraris. The manager talked about how the International Energy Agency expects more than 6 trillion dollars of global investments for the energy area in the period between 2017 and 2025, mostly on renewable sources and network infrastructures. The contribution of Terna as well as that of the other companies working in the area is essential. “We planned investments of 12 billion euros for the next 10 years. Our goal is to focus on development interventions aimed at maximizing the integration of renewables through the strengthening of the national network and interconnections with foreign countries“. These are for Luigi Ferraris “essential elements to decrease congestions, maximize the exploitation of natural sources, ensure high standards of quality service and a massive sharing at European level, thus bringing benefit to all citizens“. The scenario is evolving quickly: we are moving towards a European electricity market in which Italy, using its geographical position, will gradually gain the role of a natural hub in the Mediterranean area. Italy-Switzerland, Italy-France and Italy-Austria Interconnectors are some of the projects designed by Terna looking in this direction. But the priority for the group is also to invest in the country, specifically on the network to recover “the delays of the past for citizens and companies“. As Luigi Ferraris explained: “Today we have 220 building sites engaging more than 350 companies throughout Italy“. The manager reminded how Terna is working “with a proactive approach of sharing” with the aim to ensure “maximum safety, the lowest environmental cost and a decrease of the costs to the system“. Innovation and digitization will be strategic elements to speed up renewables growth: investments of 600 million are planned over the next five years. For example, the Uvam pilot project “will enable electric cars to participate in the service market by contributing to the security of the electricity service, thus creating value for the system and citizens“.

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