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Stefano Donnarumma: Terna’s Driving Energy 2022 Award – Contemporary Photography

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Terna makes and promotes culture for Italy with the Driving Energy 2022 Award – Contemporary Photography, a competition launched in May 2022 and open to all photographers in the country. “Creating and sharing cultural and social value is a central element of our mission”, said CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma: “With the Driving Energy 2022 Award, we therefore want to make a further contribution to the growth of the territories and communities in which we operate, bringing out new talents in the art of photography and generating new opportunities in a discipline that, by its very nature, lends itself to a transversal and inclusive approach”, he added in an interview during the presentation of the Award.
As Stefano Donnarumma pointed out, the Driving Energy 2022 Award – Contemporary Photography promotes the country’s cultural development and new talents in the field. Furthermore, it aims to generate lasting value while testifying that photography is increasingly part of the system of art and its languages. The theme of the first edition is “Cameras on Driving Energy”: interpreting an artistic vision of Terna’s mission and carrying out visual research on the energy transmission. The Award received the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, as stated by the Group in a press release: “We are very satisfied with this because it is an appreciation of our focus on culture and the involvement of young people, which is a central aspect of the initiative”, CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma observed.
The contest is curated by photographer, publisher and exhibition curator Marco Delogu and features two categories: Juniors (up to 30 years of age) and Seniors (from 31 years of age). The works will be selected by leading figures in the industry, who will be supported by the exhibition curator and the Award’s Presidential Committee, composed of Terna‘s Chairwoman Valentina Bosetti and CEO Stefano Donnarumma. The finalist works will be displayed in November at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

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