Federico Cervellini

International professional, Federico Cervellini moved his first step into the working environment operating as a Security Manager in Italy, improving his position to the role of Director of Corporate Affairs for HH Dubai’s Sheik.

Federico Cervellini: the first days

Federico Cervellini‘s professional career starts in Italy in the early Nineties, after he attended school in the same Country. The path chosen is about security management, which allows him to operate for stores and important personalities working in the show business and having an international fame, in the first tranche of his career that was between 1998 and 2003. In 2004, his professional career gained a strong upgrade, thanks to which he managed to enlarge his client base and offer his security services to a higher category of clients, such as fashion and luxury brands internationally well-known, as well as international and important multinational corporations, active in particular in the technology branch. He provided all those clients with a highly professional Security Managing service that he continued offering until the end of 2007. While working as a security operator, Federico Cervellini decided to let his career have a diversification in 2005: that year he decided to establish a partnership aimed to found an exclusive event location named Palazzo Guidi 1556. Placed among the Emilia-Romagna hills, this beautiful venue hosts receptions and parties, offering catering and banqueting services, as well as an interesting dehors where hosts can spend their time during warm seasons, such as spring and summer. Federico Cervellini’s role inside Palazzo Guidi 1556 management has mainly to do with Marketing, Sales and Public Relations acitivities, developing such accurate skills to became known and wanted from similar businesses in need of a PR and sales consultant.

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