The challenges of digital revolution for traditional companies, the focus by Vittorio Massone

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Vittorio Massone, specialized in management, strategic consultancy and digital strategies, examines the vast theme of digital revolution, focusing on the question of competitiveness for traditional companies: how can we successfully combine the ensemble of technology, innovation and talent?
The digital revolution has brought about changes in customer personalization and business decisions, also leading to the creation of new communities. These hugely successful disruptive players, which have broken up traditionally known business models, follow some fundamental rules: among these, the Vice Chair of Alkemy, a company specialized in the sector of business model evolution, highlights a clear and simple customer proposition, together with an extremely pleasant, easy and intuitive system of relationship and contact with the customer, supported by an efficient production and logistics chain. All this, says the expert, is combined by means of cost and operational structures that are automated to the maximum extent, which allow maximum “scalability”, i.e., a rapid growth, which does not require changes in the cost structure, nor excessive investments or the increase of labor.
Focusing further on the issue, however, none of these business rules is new or even revolutionary, indeed. So what has changed compared to the past? The expert in digital transformation projects suggests that what has changed are the technologies underpinning the digital revolution, such as hyper-connectivity, data proliferation, quantum leap in computational speed and machine learning, to which we must also add radically different models to organize work and talent, which allow to create very sophisticated companies with enormous profitability from nothing and in a short time. To keep being competitive, concludes Vittorio Massone in his intervention, traditional companies will therefore have to learn very quickly to manage this ensemble of technology, innovation and talent.

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