Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan: Venia International’s global solutions in the post-pandemic world

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Transportation and logistics impact business-to-business and consumer behavior around the world. Today, in the era of international trade, planning and implementing the movement of supplies and materials is indeed a globalized process, with logistics companies constantly involved in the movement, storage and flow of goods and services within global supply chains. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted this sector: although it is primarily a health crisis, indeed, the pandemic has affected every aspect of human life, including international trade and supply chains.
However, what emerges nowadays is that logistics is considered to remain an important focus of transportation deals in the post-pandemic world, as businesses will look to increase their online commerce and last-mile services. From this perspective, many logistics companies have begun to contemplate new approaches to client services and corporate partnerships, thus increasingly relying on M&A operations. It is therefore key to understand the dynamics that often arise in the process of selling or acquiring a company, in particular during times like these. As part of its services, Venia International provides its global partners, entrepreneurs, and private equity funds with assistance in effectively negotiating M&A agreements. Founded by Sebastien Clamorgan at the end of the Nineties, the firm specializes in global consulting and investment services, with a particular focus on the African and Middle Eastern markets.
In order to impact performances, other important points to watch within the logistics sector are those concerning market research and insights, two crucial element of strategic planning processes. It goes without saying that companies need to carefully understand market trends to develop new business opportunities and to strengthen their position in the reference market. This is more than ever necessary today, and is important whatever the reference industry is. Since its establishment, Sebastien Clamorgan’s firm has been specializing in providing top-class market research, insights, and data that companies can use to open up markets and to seek new opportunities. By providing advice on the most suitable approaches for successful businesses, Venia International aims at supporting its partners in developing growth roadmaps and strategic planning processes. With investment activities including shipping, logistics, port management, and food & beverage, for more than 25 years of activity the firm has carried out a considerable number of successful projects: as a result of this, it is considered a reference point for the African and Middle Eastern markets.

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