• Stefano Donnarumma

    Stefano Donnarumma: Terna’s Driving Energy 2022 Award – Contemporary Photography


    Terna makes and promotes culture for Italy with the Driving Energy 2022 Award – Contemporary Photography, a competition launched in May 2022 and open to all photographers in the country. “Creating and sharing cultural and social value is a central element of our mission”, said CEO and General Manager Stefano Donnarumma: “With the Driving Energy…

  • Lorenzo Vangelisti

    Lorenzo Vangelisti: manager, investor and Valeur Group’s CEO


    With 20 years of international experience in the financial sector, Lorenzo Vangelisti is a committed professional leading Valeur Group, an independent firm with extensive experience in asset management, investment advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate. In his current roles as Partner and CEO, he is committed to leading the Group to provide a safe…

  • Alessandro Noceti

    Credit and equity markets: Alessandro Noceti, a successful Director at Valeur Group


    With more than 10 years’ experience in the credit and equity markets, Alessandro Noceti is a recognized professional in the world of finance. His biography includes several roles of increasing responsibility in the financial industry. As of today, he is Responsible for Distribution at Valeur Group, independent firm with extensive experience in asset management, investment…

  • Massimo Malvestio

    “Nordest Economia”: an interview with Massimo Malvestio


    More and more enterprises in Italy – in particular in the Northeast area – are interested in opening up their capital to third parties. This may result in a competitive boost to the production system. However, in order to achieve this, it is important to avoid brain drain, attract new talents, and have a local…



  • Technology

    Getastand: il Booking per gli spazi espositivi

    Se sei un imprenditore che ormai ha una certa dimestichezza con l’allestimento stand fieristici, grazie alla sua esperienza decennale nell’esposizione durante eventi fieristici fermati un attimo e dai un’occhiata alle novità. La burocrazia rallenta costantemente e non di poco i preparativi per una fiera ed è proprio per accorciare i tempi che è stata creata…

  • Technology

    Irideos fiber network ready to run up to 400 Gigabits

    Milan, 20th December 2018 – IRIDEOS, the new Italian ICT hub dedicated to Business and Public Administration implemented an upgrade to its fiber optic network across Italy, allowing high-capacity connections up to 400 Gigabits. “Leveraging the latest-generation technologies provided by Infinera, we now offer a diversified and protected network for high-speed data transfer and are…