Tyrrhenian Lab project: Terna lands on TikTok with a “talent attraction” campaign

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Terna lands for the first time on TikTok, the most popular social network among young people. With a “talent attraction” campaign for the 2nd-level Master Course in “Digitalisation of the electricity system for energy transition”, the company led by CEO Stefano Donnarumma aims at speaking to Generation Z and attracting talents serving the complex transition process towards renewable energy. The target audience of the two themes of the campaign – “Are you nerd?” and “Fuga di cervelli” (brain drain) – are in fact young people and, in particular, STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) students.
As Terna stated in a press release, the videos are made by TikTokers who are particularly followed on issues concerning sustainability and training. Among these are Andrea Borello “the politoker” (andreaborello_), engineering student Francesco Centemeri (frartenzo), and engineer and influencer Elisa Negrisolo (elisavittoria). The videos of the “Are you nerd?” campaign are focused on technological pride and the passion for new technologies, which have now become key for success. Instead, the videos entitled “Fuga di cervelli” are about the possibility not to leave Italy for young people who want to find a job that meets their expectations. This goal is also achieved by strengthening one’s skills, as well as by creating new specialist professionalisms emerging from the hybridisation of different professional areas.
This is the core goal of the 2nd-level Master Course in “Digitalisation of the electricity system for the energy transition”, promoted by Terna as part of the Tyrrhenian Lab project in collaboration with the Universities of Palermo, Cagliari and Salerno. With a total of 100 million euros invested over the next five years, the operator of the Italian national transmission grid has developed a training centre of excellence where more than 150 young people will be trained to high professional standards between 2022 and 2025. The Master Course will focus on the development of technological and strategic skills identified as essential to the digital and energy transformation, thus creating new professionalisms emerging from the hybridisation of managerial, engineering, IT and statistical skills.

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