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Frabemar organise the eighth annual Gabonese Shippers Council representatives meeting


The eighth annual meeting of the Gabonese Shippers Council (CGC) representatives took place between the 15th and the 17th of November 2017. At the seminar organised by Frabemar Srl in cooperation with the CGC, to which Franco Bernardini founder participated. The main theme of the meeting was “Gabonese Shippers Council resizing and the global representatives network in the Gabonese economic context”, has been widely discussed which took place in the suggestive location of the Castello di Casapozzano in Naples. In addition to all CGC representatives and port agents, CGC CEO Mrs Liliane Nedège Nagari in Onanga Y’Obegue, the Mayor of Caserta, under the Presidency of Mrs Estelle Ondo, Transport and Logistics Minister where present. The meeting, to which Frabemar Srl brought its contribution, aimed at the evaluation and discussion on the annual activity in order to set the objectives for the future. The participants also recommended the setup of a traffic control electronic tracking system able to integrate all types of transport. The seminar took place in a cordial and participative atmosphere between all international trade actors: it has been an important moment to think, exchange innovative ideas and understand how to give new vitality to the CGC in the present context of economic growth after some years of crisis. The scope of the CGC is, in facts, to sustain the national economy through the assistance to entrepreneurs and exporters, through the traffic control and monitoring. The reinforcement of CGC capacities is necessary to enhance the whole performance of the cargo haulage system.

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