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Kolmar BNH: leading innovation in health supplements

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Established in 2005, Kolmar BNH is an Original Development Manufacturing (ODM) firm in the health supplements industry. ODM companies cover various stages from trend analysis to R&D, conceptualization, manufacturing, and quality assurance, catering to clients with entrepreneurial aspirations. Kolmar BNH specializes in the production of HemoHIM and allocates over 2% of its annual revenue to research and development (R&D).

HemoHIM is a high-tech product from Kolmar BNH. Its main ingredient, the ‘HemoHIM Extract Complex’ based on Angelica gigas and other ingredients, is the first individually recognized ingredient in Korea to enhance immune system functionality. Developed with the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, HemoHIM is available in 19 countries, including Australia, the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, Asia, and South America.

Kolmar BNH collaborates with over 300 domestic and international clients, leveraging its long-developed R&D capabilities. Key clients include the Korean affiliate of Haleon, a global health conglomerate, for which Kolmar produces the Centrum multivitamin supplement in Korea. Kolmar BNH aims to enhance its global market competitiveness by prioritizing R&D in developing raw materials.

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