Digital Transformation: Vittorio Massone and his role of Advisor

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Vittorio Massone is an accomplished Digital Transformation Advisor and Investor. As a manager, he believes teams can be enriched by diversity and complexity. In terms of skills, he stands out for functional operations such as organization, merger and acquisitions, strategy, as well as procurement, customer experience and operational improvement.

Vittorio Massone’s career: the early days

Vittorio Massone‘s career started after he graduated with full marks in Economics at the Sapienza University (Rome), in 1989. In that same year, indeed, he started working as Business Analyst for Klopman Textile Industry (Burlington Group), where he remained until 1991. He then felt the need to upgrade his education and, indeed, in 1992 he gained a Master in Business Administration at the Bocconi University (Milan). The following year he started a new professional adventure, that saw Vittorio Massone in the role of Associate at Value Partners, a renowned strategy consulting firm operating in Milan. In 1994, a raise in his professional path was awaiting: he joined Bain & Co. This well-known management consulting company gave him the chance to hold roles of always increasing responsibility: in 1995 he started working as Manager, role that he held for four years. In 1999, in fact, he was promoted as this company’s Partner becoming, five years later, its Director (2004). These professional experiences revealed themselves to be crucial in Vittorio Massone‘s working life: thanks to this path, he gained an overall recognition as a prominent professional in the global advisory business. The fields he specifically stands out in are digital, telecommunications, industrial services, government, media/entertainment, and automotive. His precious abilities, such as the capacity to be deeply trusted by CEOs and Boards, alongside his skills to manage articulate programs, gave him the chance to be working with top-level and international clients. Among them Walt Disney, Poste Italiane, Sviluppo Italia (currently Invitalia), Pagine Gialle, Rai, Gruppo Espresso, Consip, Il Sole 24 Ore and Coni.

Vittorio Massone’s professional achievements

Many have been the occasions where Vittorio Massone could give proof of his professional abilities. Among all the complicated operations he managed, worthy of mention are some important turnarounds that took place between 1997 and 2008. Seat Pagine Gialle’s operation (1999 – 2001) allowed its investors to gain a return on investment of circa 20 times; in 1999, he managed the acquisition of Virgilio/Matrix, as well as the turnaround of Poste Italiane. Here, he succeeded in saving the group from a loss of 200M Euros leading it to realizing an EBITDA of more or less 2Bn. Most importantly, this result was achieved without any redundancies. 2010 was a year when his career went a step even further: he got nominated Managing Partner of Bain & Company Africa. Here he had the responsibility to build a completely new reality from scratch. He decided to build a well-structured team based on diversity. This means giving every single talent the chance to flourish, so to enrich the company itself. Vittorio Massone considers, indeed, this as a founding value in order to create a long lasting business. His productive experience in South Africa allowed the company to open a new office in Nigeria. After this experience, at the end of 2018, Vittorio Massone returned to Italy willing to focus on the digital markets, working as Digital Transformation Advisor and Investor. Currently he his Vice President in the digital company Alkemy, based in Milan.

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