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Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): port management, the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone project in Nigeria

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Developed through a partnership between private entities, and overseen by the Nigerian Port Authorities, the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone is a project aimed at developing a new, ultra-modern port and free zone to create a place for development in Nigeria, both at a regional and national level. The project is designed to provide companies with global assets and expertise while conducting local business in the country. Many companies have been brought together in a consortium in order to deliver a successful Greenfield port & Free Zone to help accelerate Nigeria’s development, with the ambition of creating the solutions needed to support a strong and sustainable growth in the area. In such a context, the global consulting and investment firm Venia International played the role of deal maker, broker and representative of a stakeholder’ interests. The firm founded by Sebastien Clamorgan in the late Nineties, indeed, is active in building partnerships and joint ventures in different sectors, such as shipping, logistics, food and beverage, airport duty free, and, among the others, as well in the port management field. Indeed, the Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone project is one of the port management activities in which the firm participates, and shows Sebastien Clamorgan’s commitment in the sector of port management in Africa.
A major player in Africa and the Middle East, Venia International supported the establishment of many international brands over its more than 25 years of activity, carrying out a considerable number of successful projects relating to different business sectors. The firm boasts more than 3,000 employees all over the world, and is recognized today as a reference point in the area. The mission of Sebastien Clamorgan’s firm is to open the gateways to companies’ successful market entry, by proving specialized services to support the development of planning processes and growth roadmaps. The firm provides as well key insights into markets, and a wide regional know-how regarding Africa and the Middle East.

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