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Sustainable Finance, Anna Tavano: HSBC’s plan to encourage decarbonization

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People who make the difference today are "those with a strong work ethic, who pay attention to compliance with the rules and corporate culture", they are professionals who are "sensitive to the issues of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability". This is the thinking of Anna Tavano, Head of Global Banking for HSBC Italy, who launched this message on many occasions, such as last year’s Financecommunity Week. The effectiveness and value of a sustainable approach in the financial field are recognized and shared also by the financial institution she works with, as shown by the various initiatives recently promoted in this regard. Among these, last October an ambitious plan was implemented to put sustainability at the center of finance and investments, with the aim of supporting the global transition to a zero-emission economy.
HSBC aims to provide a significant contribution to the achievement of carbon neutrality: this is being done through financing and investments that support those companies committed to achieving the targets defined in the Paris Agreement in 2015. In this perspective, within the next ten years the financial institution plans to invest between 750 and 1,000 billion dollars in financing and investments, making these resources available to clients in all sectors, in order to support them in the progressive process of decarbonization. These numbers confirm HSBC’s commitment, as well as the importance that is recognized to the sustainable finance model, an approach strongly supported by the Head of Global Banking for HSBC Italy Anna Tavano: to encourage decarbonization means not only to protect the planet but also to support the relaunch of a more flourishing, sustainable and inclusive global economy.
And this is not just a chance, but rather an opportunity that the world must be able to seize today more than ever, also in light of the heavy impact of the pandemic worldwide. In this scenario, everyone is called upon to do his or her part, and HSBC is aware of the role it can play. Its international presence and its global network of clients allow the Group to make a significant contribution in this regard, also thanks to professionals like Anna Tavano, who is particularly committed to promoting these issues in the meetings and events to which she is invited to intervene.

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