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Sebastien Clamorgan: Madeleine Clamorgan’s life and works as an intellectual woman

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Sebastien Clamorgan is a successful entrepreneur. He founded the global firm Venia International in the early 1990’s. Clamorgan’s family has a noble history, characterized by the prestigious figure of Madeleine Daniélou. Madeleine is Sebastien’s great grandmother: she was an incredibly good student, a literate, the founder of many Catholic schools and a good mother and wife.
Madeleine Clamorgan was born in Mayenne, France, in 1880. She always loved to study and during all her life she dedicated herself to education, religion and philosophy. She was a writer and a teacher. After she finished her primary education in 1897, her teachers were astonished by her talent as a student, so they helped Madeleine to go to Paris and pursue a higher education. There she met her future husband, Charles Daniélou, and afterwards she became Mrs. Daniélou. They had six children: one of them was Jean Daniélou, Cardinal of Paris in the 1970s.
Madeleine founded with Miss Desrez the “Ecole Normale Libre Ms. Daniélou”: it was a success. Madeleine Clamorgan was personally responsible for the Philosophy class and she organized many conferences and lectures. She also wrote various valuable documents about religion and education; she was also well known among the important men of that age. Her greatest spiritual mentor was Father Léonce de Grandmaison, who stayed at her side until his death in 1927. Madeleine also founded the “Colleges Sainte Marie” in Neuilly sur Seine, the first one opened in 1913. This woman is still remembered thanks to her work as a teacher and as a writer: her great grandson, Sebastien Clamorgan, is now the representative of the noble family and is committed to honoring and keeping alive Madeleine’s legacy.

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